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Welcome to Lost Spirit Paranormal Society aka; L.S.P.S.

                                 About Our Company

We are a paranormal investigative service out of Stanhope,Iowa. All of our team members are trained and ready to deal with any of your paranormal needs. Our team members are willing to go any where, at any time, on any day, when we are needed. Our company has been in buisness for many years.

  Lost Spirits Paranormal Society wants to help you!

Are strange things happening in your home?

Do you and/or a family member feel like you are always being watched when no one is around?

Do some unexplainable thing occur in your home or buisness?

Have you ever thought that you saw something and/or someone out of the corner of your eye?But nothing was there.

Does things move around or fall off shelves with no help at all?

Does a family member and/or a worker seem to get unexplainable marks on there body? Like bite marks, scratches, and/or bruise!

Do you seem to have spots in your home and/or buisness that seem to be colder then the rest of your house and/or buisness?

Does your place seem to have a unfamiliar smell to it? Like flowers and/or perfumes!

Do you hear foot steps and/or scatching at the walls but cannot find the source?

Do you get a feeling that someone has touched you?

If any of the above instances has occured, please contact us!

at [email protected] and/or 515-371-5512


Thank You For Your Visit To Our Site, And Please Come Again !

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