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                  Welcome To Our Team                                              .

                       Founder, Investigator, Case Manager                     

                                      Samantha Ekstein                           

 I have been doing this for several years with several other teams. Then decied to start my own team. I am married with eight children and four grandchildren. I was a paralegal until I became disable in the last four years. I am currently dealing with breast cancer.

                                Case Manager, Investigator


 Shawna Brown                                          

 I have been doing this for about two years. I have five children and two grandchildren. I  work in the concrete field.



I have been doing this for about three years now. I have one child.

                             Lead Investigator

                                   Rob McMains

I have been in the paranormal field for about ten years now. I am married with four kids.                               We would like to let people know that our team member Rob McMains has passed away he was a very great  inspiration on starting my paranormal company. Rob had been with me from the very start . Me ( Samantha Ekstein) and Rob had been friends for over 35 years we considered each other brother and sister. Rob will be missed but will be in my heart on all our new cases if not helping us from beyond. We would also like to tell his wife and children  we are very sorry for your lost. Our team has decided to leave Rob's Photo and information on our site,in loving memory of what he means to our team and company.         Rob died at home in Des Moines,Iowa in 2012      WE LOVE YOU ROB!

                                Mat  Jackson

I have just recently started doing this but, I have learned alot from L.S.P.S. I really enjoy working with my new team.


                                Cindy Romeo

I have been working in this field for about five years now. I am single with a daughter.

                      Investigator  In-training


                                 Kamita Aldrich

I am a mother of two children. I am part native american.



                                   Jo Lynn Nunnally

 I am a mother of 3 kids. I am also a native american.

                              Investigator/ Tech.


                                  Jesse Fiferlick

 I have been doing this kind of work for about 6 years.I have resonally moved for another state and team.I am happy to be a new part of this team.

                                Investigator/ E.V.P. Tech


                                David Hatterman

 I have been doing this work for awhile now. I am glad to become a part of this team.



                                 Megan Howell

 i have enjoyed doing this work for many years and am happy to find such a wonderful team to work with.

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Why you would like to be part of our team?

We will do a background check to make sure that you have no prior records of any sort! This is for our company's protection and our clients protection.

Any criminal backgrounds of any form will eliminate any chance of an individual becoming a team member. So a clean background is necessary, children come in first in our group so their safety is our priority.

If you are still interested in joining our team please call Samantha at 515-371-5512

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