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                     New Moon Definitions


                                New Moon

The new moon occurs when the sun and moon are in conjunction, occupying the same part of the sky from the veiwpoint of earth. During this time the moon doesn't reflect the light of the sun, and so cannot be seen ( expcept during a solar eclipse). The moon's un-illuminated side is facing the earth.

The new moon phase is the time of new beginnings - like the Maiden form of the Goddess and the season of Spring. The appearance of the new crescent moon was celebrated as a return of the moon from the dead.

This is a time of growing energy, newness, rejuvenation, growth, renewal and hope. It is a good point to make changes in your life, such as ending bad habits or relationships.

                                   Full Moon

The full moon occurs between 14 and 15 days after the new moon, and is shaped like a complete disc. The moon's illuminated side is facing the earth. The full moon reflects the maximum light from the sun.

This moon phase is the time of abundance, ripening and completeness - fertile and shining with the full power of feminine secrets and mysteries - like the Mother form of the Goddess, and the season of Summer - pregnant with life.

A child born during a full moon should live a long and healthy life. This is the time when the moon's energy is strongest and full of magick power. ( Legendary werewolves supposedly only emerge at the full moon. )

                               Moon Phases

WAXING - the moon is growing larger in the sky, moving from a narrow crescent just after the new moon towards the full moon. The waxing moon grows from right to left and is called the 'right - hand moon' - the crescent is like the curve between the right - hand's index figer and thumb.

WANING - the moon is decreasing in size, moving from the full moon back towards a crescent as the new moon approaches. The waning moon decreases from right to left and is called the "left - hand moon' because of its similarity to the curve on the left hand. Energy is now waning with the moon herself, and is linked with the Crone aspect of the Goddess.

GIBBOUS - during the phases between the First Quarter and the full moon, and between the full moon and the Last Quarter, when more than half of the disc is illuminated.


                                Moon Goddess

A popular moon goddess was Selene ( or Luna ), sister to Helios - the sun god. Greek mythology called Artemis a virgin goddess of the moon. She rides her silver chariot across the sky and shoots her arrows of silver moonlight to the earth below. In ancient Egypt the sickle - shaped new moon signified the goddess Isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth, and crescent shaped jewellery was believed to protect infants.

                                Triple Moon

The triple moon is a Goddess symbol representing the Maiden, Mother, and Crone aspects as the waxing, full, and waning moon. The triple moon symbol is associated with feminine mystery, energy and psychic skill, and often adorned jewellery worn by High Priestesses.



This is the birthstone for June, and was believed by the Romans to hold captured beams of moonlight. In India it is considered a sacred gemstone, a symbol of the Third Eye that brings good fortune and helps promote spiritual enlightenment.

This form of feldspar has a beautiful pearly lustre, reminiscent of moonlight. Its irridescent effect - 'schiller' - comes in many colours from translucent, pink, yellow, green, rainbow, gold and silver.

Sometimes moonstones are carved to show a man - in - the - moon face. Moonstone's energies are soothing, nurturing and feminine in nature. They can help bring calm, balancing yin/yang emotions and help us to become sensitive and loving.

                                 Full Moon Dates

 Month / Year            2010                    2011                      2012                         2013   

January           30th/ 1:18 am         19th/4:22pm          9th/2:32am        26th/11:40pm       

February          28th/11:38am         18th/3:36am         7th/4:56pm         25th/3:28pm        

March              29th/10:25pm         19th/2:10pm         8th/4:41am         27th/5:30am        

April                28th/8:18am            17th/10:44pm       6th/3:20pm         25th/3:59pm       

May              27th/7:07pm             17th/7:08am         5th/11:36pm       25th/12:27am       

June             26th/7:31am            15th/4:13pm          4th/7:11am        23rd/7:33am           

July             25th/9:37pm             15th/2:39am          3rd/2:51pm       22nd/2:16pm           

August        24th/1:05pm       13th/2:57pm        1&31st/11:27pm9:57am   2oth/9:45pm    

September         23rd/5:18am       12th/5:27am       29th/11:18pm          19th/7:12am      

October           22nd/9:38pm        11th/10:07pm        29th/3:50pm         18th/7:37pm     

November       21st/12:29pm        10th/3:18pm         28th/9:47am       17th/10:16am      

December       21st/3:15am          10th/9:38am          28th/5:22am       17th/4:29am             

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