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All of our services we offer are free of charge!

We will come to your home, business, graveyard, and/or any place you would like us to come to.

We will do a intake and setup a pre-investigative appointment with a client.

We would then set up a time and date for our teem to come back for a investigation.

Next several of our teem members will all research the history of the place.

Then our teem members will all gather at the location of the investigation.

We will do a walk though with the lights on.

Talk with our client if needed.

Next will be our equipment setup.

A group get together, and pair off.

Then we go lights out, and do our investigation.

When the investigation is over we gather our equipment.

Say our good bye's and thank you's to the client and the place.

Then our team will review everything we collected.

After around two to three weeks we will call the client and set up a appointment to meet.

And then we will go over what we found with our client, and give the client a copy of everything we had collected.

If needed we will do a follow up with the cleint and place.

I hope this will answer any questions you might have on our services. If not please feel free to contact us.

                Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are a business and would like to learn about sponsorship opportunities and/or an individual who would like to help with the cost of the running of this Paranormal Investigation Group please contact Samantha Ekstein at [email protected] and/or 515-826-3283 to dicuss this opportunity.

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